Whether your pet’s health needs careful, regular monitoring or you just want to make sure your animal friend is as healthy as it looks, we are happy to help with a thorough check-up. Your vet will evaluate your animal’s condition carefully, advising you if any lifestyle changes or treatments are needed.

You can teach children to recite their home address, but you can’t teach that to cats, dogs, or rabbits. With a microchip in place, your pet will be able to “tell” vets and animal welfare workers the way home. It’s a small procedure, and it makes returning your lost pet to you so easy! No matter how far they may roam, it’ll be possible to find the way home when you take this little precaution. Find out about microchipping today. Give us a call!

What keeps us healthy? The right diet and exercise work for us! They also work for your pet. But which foods should you give them as part of their healthy lifestyle? That depends on the pet, its age, and even its habits. Don’t let your pet fall victim to the obesity epidemic, but be sure that all the essential nutrients form part of its diet. We’re here to give you the advice you need to optimize your animal companions’ diet.

Cats are very independent, but they get upset when their families are away. Even when they have enough food, they may simply disappear. When your pet lodges with us, she’ll receive love, care, good food and hygienic conditions that even the most fastidious cat will approve of. Be sure she gets the best care and that she’ll be waiting for you on your return.

Call us to talk about our “home away from home” cat boarding facility or read more about our cattery here.

Your dog or cat can’t tell you when he or she has a toothache, but a vet can see the tell-tale signs of tooth decay. Regular dental check-ups are important to your pets’ health and wellbeing. They can even prevent more serious infections from developing. For example, gingivitis (gum infections) can cause coughs and throat infections. We’ll help you to keep your pet’s pearly-whites strong, healthy and pain-free.

Pet owners probably worry even more about routine surgeries like spaying and neutering than their pets do! When you choose our surgery, you may be assured that we will do everything in our power to keep your pets comfortable and stress-free, and we’ll return them to you with full advice on how to handle their recovery period. Remember, these routine surgeries will do much to preserve your pets’ health.

Not all veterinary surgeries have radiology equipment, but we do. Although it is costly, we are satisfied that it will help us to provide our patients with even better care by speeding up the time we need to make a sure diagnosis. Very soon, we’ll even be able to detect dental problems using X-rays. Meanwhile, we’ll keep on doing our very best for your pet no matter what its needs may be.

When your pet is ill, you don’t want to wait for ages to get pathology test results. And because we want to provide appropriate treatments as soon as possible, it’s important to us too. We have priority status with our pathology labs, and they will provide test results as soon as is humanly possible allowing us to make sure diagnoses and ensuring that your pet gets the correct treatments.

It’s not only long haired animals that need regular grooming. Knowing how to take care of your pet’s coat will keep you both comfortable, especially in the peak shedding season! Dogs and senior cats will also need to have their nails attended to, and you may want a referral to a grooming service if your pet has a high-maintenance coat. Talk to us!

Have you got a puppy on the way or recently expanded your furry family?

Ryde Vet offers a puppy school, hosted by Positive Dogs, for your new best friend.

At Positive Dogs our aim is to provide you with the skills to train your puppy for real life situations and provide you with all of the information you need to ensure your pup grows to becomes the dog you are proud of – an esteemed member of the family.

We believe that training builds better relationships between you and your dog. We’ll show you how to get connected and enjoy working together, whether at home or out in the community.

In our puppy classes, we only use positive reinforcement to train dogs… and the humans! All of our primary instructors are Delta Institute accredited professional dog trainers.

We have a range of classes available to suit your pups every life stage. Start off with our puppy class here at Ryde Veterinary hospital. After you graduate then move onto our Senior Puppy class, Adolescent Dog Class and then to our Building Skills class.

To learn about our other classes go here

We even have a cat and kitten class to cater for the felines of your family.

Check out our range of handouts to help you and your pup